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17 PMpWed, 28 Apr 2010 19:30:50 +020030Wednesday 2010

Hello to everyone!

Pietro sent me the file with all the recipes you guys used for the soda firing workshop. You can download it and add more recipes, if you want, and see that everything is written correctly. And, please, post this again if you change something! Thanks



New tests!

17 AMpFri, 23 Apr 2010 08:54:54 +020054Friday 2010

Here Pietro taking care of the firing.

Pietro and the Soda.

Terry Davies’ studio.

17 AMpFri, 23 Apr 2010 08:11:11 +020011Friday 2010

Then we had time for a nice afternoon visit at Terry Davies’ Studio.

Terry's studio.


17 AMpFri, 23 Apr 2010 07:49:38 +020049Friday 2010

Pietro and Roman ready to open the kiln. And there it is!

Pietro and Roman, inside the kiln, a closer look.

When everything was out they started to have a meeting to discuss about all the results and be ready to prepare the bisque fired pieces for the firing in the evening.

Discussion 1.

Discussion 2.

Discussion 3.

And here two closer pictures taken of some works.

Mirka's works.

Bisque fired works.

17 AMpFri, 23 Apr 2010 07:21:44 +020021Friday 2010

We bisque fired for the first time! And then they started working on those pieces to be ready for the first big soda firing in the big kiln.

Bisque fire works

And late in the afternoon the kiln was already loaded and started. So late in the evening Roman was ready for the soda.

Burners and Roman with a bucket of soda.

Burners and Roman ready with the soda.


17 AMpThu, 22 Apr 2010 08:15:15 +020015Thursday 2010

Glazing in the morning, and then off to some trips! First to Terry Davis near Certaldo ( who used to soda fire a lot before he came to Tuscany

Visiting San Giminiano

Where we could observe the Italian way of throwing: standing beside the wheel

And returning to La Meridiania we could observe how Pietro introduces the soda