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17 PMpWed, 28 Apr 2010 19:30:50 +020030Wednesday 2010

Hello to everyone!

Pietro sent me the file with all the recipes you guys used for the soda firing workshop. You can download it and add more recipes, if you want, and see that everything is written correctly. And, please, post this again if you change something! Thanks



Trip to the old medieval town of Certaldo.

17 AMpThu, 22 Apr 2010 07:35:21 +020035Thursday 2010

We just had a nice tour to the old Certaldo.

Palazzo Pretorio (1 and 2), all the group.

Loading the other kiln!

17 AMpThu, 22 Apr 2010 07:25:21 +020025Thursday 2010

Ready for firing and loading the kiln.

Here Janne loading the kiln while every one is leaving his/her own pieces on the table.

Janne, Laszlo and the kiln loaded (from left to right).

Last Firing

17 PMpWed, 21 Apr 2010 13:56:31 +020056Wednesday 2010

The porcelain bowl collected some copper from his neighbour…


Dienstag: Einlegen+Brennen

17 PMpTue, 20 Apr 2010 15:06:08 +020006Tuesday 2010