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17 PMpWed, 28 Apr 2010 19:30:50 +020030Wednesday 2010

Hello to everyone!

Pietro sent me the file with all the recipes you guys used for the soda firing workshop. You can download it and add more recipes, if you want, and see that everything is written correctly. And, please, post this again if you change something! Thanks



Third day!…still working!

17 PMpTue, 20 Apr 2010 17:42:06 +020042Tuesday 2010

Here we are working very hard to reeach the point… what’s the point? I think there is no final point but the wish to improve our experience, our kwnoledge and have the possibility to share something with others from different places, different countries. Thanks a lot to everybody for being here!

We loaded the first kiln yesteday and Pietro and Laszlo fired all nigth. The day after we open it and we started with some discussions.

Unloading the kiln and first discussion about results,

Everythings is out of the kiln, standing outside in the sun. Let’s talk and discuss:


After those discussions, the crew started their productions again and there it is:

Drying section and Markus loading the kiln for the bisque fire.

And then a demonstration from Pietro:

Pietro's demonstration.