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17 PMpThu, 07 Mar 2013 17:54:13 +020054Thursday 2010

Ultimate clay body

Clay body

1 John Colbeck
Always move glaze suspension before using it

Never loose the suspension

Glaze testsSourcerer, magician, stregone, alchimist – who is that, weighing and mixing unflaggingly oxides and minerals, pouring from bowl to bowl, to create the ultimate suspension? John Colbeck is probably the most important potter and instructor to be involved over the whole lifespan of La Meridiana, and it is 32 years now. He has taught legions of potters to throw, but beyond the technique, to understand and love ceramics. His teaching has been highly influential, wherever he has taught. Back at La Meridiana after several years, his throwing master workshop in August 2012 has continued a tradition of remarkable workshops, interrupted due to his own intense projects . The benefits of his vast knowledge however will be available to all future students: presently he is organizing the La Meridiana glaze library!
His tests on high and low fire clays will lead to an ultimate choice of luscious glazes – understandable and repeatable, a huge support when planning and making whatever ceramic object!
John Colbeck’ s next workshop at La Meridiana:


Tests, which call for further explorations and experiments

17 PMpWed, 28 Apr 2010 12:38:38 +020038Wednesday 2010

As we have tested many local materials (clays from all over Europe, brought by the participants) we have learned quit a lot about their look in soda firing. We have also seen the wide possibilities, which surely will lead to more experiments.

In my case the experiment will start immediately after building new wood kiln with the chamber for soda firing as the one I have right now is not suitable for soda firing (it is soft brick and need to last another year for our woodfiring).

For now I can share the results from the firing in La Meridiana:

All pots fired in gas kiln, reduction, approximatly to Seger cone 8-10 (1250 – 1300°C), soda introduced after cone 8 partly down.


Clay tested: Polar VV – from  H+K Lubná ( – first picture show the clay not fired and second show this clay fired in woodkiln to 1250°C

Slip tested:

Nepheline Syenite 33
Kaolin Sedlec Ia 33
Silica 33
Fe2O3 1,5
TiO2 13,5



Clay tested: cca 1/2 M11 salt-Wittgert / 1/2 Stoneware-St.Amand

Slip tested:

Gail Nichols Rutile

Caolin                  80

Nepheline Syenite         10

Quarz                               10

Bentonite                          3

Rutile                                 3

Borax                                 3

Note: Slip applied in different thicknes



Clay tested: Polar VV – from  H+K Lubná (

Slip tested:

Kaolin 40
Witgert 40
Borax 5
Ultrox 10

Note: Slip applied quit thick



Clay tested: 1/2 shamot clay for shiedel chimney (the inside tube)  / 1/2 Polar VV – from  H+K Lubná (

Slip tested:

Kaolin 40
Witgert 40
Borax 5
Ultrox 10

Results: Slip applied quit thick

Return home to Germany

17 AMpMon, 26 Apr 2010 11:29:50 +020029Monday 2010

I returned yesterday – wither fine weather and and a whole lot of working waiting. I just want to say “Thank You” to everybody!

About Soda Firing techiniques, tips and recipes.

17 AMpWed, 21 Apr 2010 09:05:39 +020005Wednesday 2010


Karin found this article about soda firing for free online. It’s from

Let us know what you think about that!

soda firing techniques new

Just a quick note!

17 AMpWed, 21 Apr 2010 08:24:58 +020024Wednesday 2010

Hello to everybody!

I would like to remind you this is not just a place where you can post your pictures but also something more. Please, let us know what you think about this workshop, what you would like to have from this experience, what it’s not working according to your opinion and you would like to do.

Thanks a lot!!

… from Ursula.

17 AMpWed, 21 Apr 2010 08:19:25 +020019Wednesday 2010


Here some pictures Ursala sent us yesterday. We are just possting them but I am sure she will tell us more about each of them.

Ash vessel.

Whitches cauldron.

2 triangular bottles.

Tulip tower.

Expo ash vase

Porcelain bottles.

Romy and kiln.

News from the “missing student”!

17 AMpWed, 21 Apr 2010 07:32:28 +020032Wednesday 2010

Hello to everybody. In the last two days we got some emails from the other artists we invited for this workshop. Because of the ash cloud we don’t have them here phyisically but we asked them to help us with this blog. Thanks Miraslova for your posts and Ursula for your pictures! We hope to get more and more from all of you.

Let’s start glazing!

17 AMpTue, 20 Apr 2010 09:20:31 +020020Tuesday 2010

Here they are! Ready to glaze some tests for the first firing.

Karin, Monika and Janne (from left to right).