Hello form UK (By Mirka GoldenHann)



I have lived in the UK for 17 years and have never felt like I was on an island untill now.

Anyway – the photos on the blog look great and I am sorry I am not there. I have a few questions though. Your kiln – what is the internal lining? What are the bricks, are they coated with a wash? How does it deal with the corosion? It looks from the photos like an altered gas-kiln? Where is the soda entered into the kiln (in how many places)?

My existing slat kiln is 1.5 m3 stacking space – so it is a quite big kiln. I had it for 10 years and it is on it’s too eroded to carry on using. I will be building a new kiln in the summer and I am considering a much smaller design. I want to know what are you experiences from La Meridiana using smaller kiln in terms of hot and cold spots?

Also the kiln shelves – they look like silicon carbide shelves? I have no experience working with those and I have heard and read various reports, but I would like to know, if your kiln shelves are silicon carbide, your opinions and experience with them. Are they worth the extra expense?

Also I would like to ask – could you publish a photo of this kiln when the soda is introduced. I am very curious to see if there are any visible vapors like it is when salting.

Oh, all these questions.

Here is me with my salt kiln:

Here is me with my salt kiln – making fog for Dorset.

And some work…

All of the below was fired in this kiln. I am mad about colour in salt-glaze.  Some of these glazes are raw and some applied to biscuit.

The plan was to try some of these glazes  in soda. Well – next time.


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